Living Wilderness Nature Photography by Kevin Ebi

Nature photography by Kevin Ebi

Dramatic nature photography that captures a Living Wilderness

Eclipse prints now available


The total solar eclipse of August 21st was the first to cross the mainland United States in nearly 40 years.


Fine-art prints of totality, captured in the wilderness of Malheur County, Oregon, are now available.


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A Living Wilderness


From stunning mountains to the beautiful sea, from amazing wildlife to serene landscapes, Kevin Ebi's nature photography is crafted to show you what it feels like to experience nature's wonder.


He uses careful composition and dramatic light to capture nature as a "living wilderness."


Images are available as fine-art prints and for licensing.


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Some 15,000 crows use one small roost each winter. Check out the dramatic video and the new e-book.

Stock Nature Photography

Kevin's Rainbow on Haleakala image is on a USPS Forever postage stamp.

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