Living Wilderness: Wildlife and Nature Photography by Kevin Ebi

Living Wilderness Nature Photography
Dramatic nature photography that captures a living wilderness. By Kevin Ebi.

About Kevin Ebi

For more than a decade, I've been working to capture the beauty and drama of nature. I call my business "living wilderness" because I strive to create images that show how nature is alive. All scenes change from moment to moment, even if it's hard to see what's different.

Sometimes, I tell nature's story with a single frame. Other times, it takes a series of images, such as my recent project where I documented how bald eagles learn to fly. In either case, my goal is to show that nature is alive — to capture a living wilderness.

Mount Rainier Visitor Center DisplayI'm the author of a book called Running in Circles, which tells the story of the cycle of water. I'm a featured photographer in the book The Wild Within, which documents wildlife in the Seattle Arboretum.

My work is prominently featured in the Mount Rainier National Park Sunrise Visitor Center. (One of the two large displays is shown at right.)

My images have been featured in National Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer and Smithsonian among other magazines. They've been used by Lonely Planet, a major automobile manufacturer and by National Geographic to promote ecotourism in the Central Cascades.

Are The Images Real?

Yes. I strive to spend far more time outside than I do in front of a computer. I do process images to remove dust spots and fix distortion that results from the camera seeing differently than we do.

But if I travel somewhere and don't capture the image I want, I keep going back until I do.

Kevin Ebi

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