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The Hawaiian Gallery

Hawaii (officially spelled Hawai`i) is a remote archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Only Easter Island is located farther away from any other landmass on Earth. Hawaii is made up of eight islands and atolls, all created through volcanic activity.

Geologists believe that Hawaii is located above a volcanic hotspot in the Pacific Ocean. The hotspot remains stationary, but as the tectonic plate over it moves northwest, new islands are formed. The "Big Island" of Hawaii is the newest.


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Island-specific galleries

Aerial View of Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii The Hawaii "Big Island" Gallery

Kauai, "Garden Island"

Maui, "Valley Isle"

Hawaii, "Big Island"


Hawaiian Plants, Trees and Flowers

Coconut Tree, Kauai, Hawaii   Coconut Tree at Sunrise, Kauai, Hawaii   Lantana, Kauai, Hawaii   Iridaceae, Kauai, Hawaii
Coconut Tree   Coconut Sunrise   Lantana   Iridaceae
Queen Emma Lily, Kauai, Hawaii            
Queen Emma Lily            

Hawaiian Wildlife

Honu, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas), Black Sand Beach, Hawaii   Kaupali, Helmet Urchins (Colobocentrotus artatus), Kauai, Hawaii   Red-Crested Cardinal, Kauai, Hawaii   Cattle Egret, Kauai, Hawaii
Sea Turtle   Helmet Urchins   Cardinal   Cattle Egret
Three Black Feral Goats, Hawaii   Black Goats in Field, Hawaii   Crabs on Rock, Ke'E Beach, Kauai, Hawaii   Crabs and Crashing Waves, Ke'E Beach, Kauai, Hawaii
Goats   Goats in Field   Crabs   Crabs and Waves
  • More, including Hawaiian stilt, Hawaiian coot, skylark and chukar in Maui gallery

  • More, including NeNe, blue-footed boobies, and shearwater in Kauai gallery


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