Living Wilderness: Wildlife and Nature Photography by Kevin Ebi

Living Wilderness Nature Photography
Dramatic nature photography that captures a living wilderness. By Kevin Ebi.

Moraine Lake, Valley of the Ten Peaks

One of the ten peaks that line Moraine Lake in Canada's Banff National Park is illuminated by the sunrise. The Wenkchemna Peaks, part of the Canadian Rockies, begin at the lake's edge. The lake is a spectacular aqua-blue because of silt dropped by glaciers.


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  Moraine Lake, Valley of the Ten Peaks

Notes from the field

I had hoped for a dramatic sunrise that would light up most, if not all, of the 10 peaks at the edge of Moraine Lake. The weather, however, had other plans. But I climbed a rock pile that would give me a clear view of the peaks anyway to see what I could get. This was my favorite frame of that morning. The aqua color of Moraine Lake is truly stunning; I think if there was any more red in the image the lake be overpowered. I've been back to this point when the skies were clearer, but this remains my favorite image.

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