Living Wilderness: Wildlife and Nature Photography by Kevin Ebi

Living Wilderness Nature Photography
Dramatic nature photography that captures a living wilderness. By Kevin Ebi.

Mount Rainier and Giant Lenticular Cloud (Black & White)

Mount Rainier is nearly dwarfed by a giant lenticular cloud. Lenticular clouds form when tall mountains get in the way of strong winds and are relatively common over Rainier and other Cascade volcanoes. This stormy cloud, however, was unusually large.


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  Mount Rainier, Lenticular Cloud, Black and White

Notes from the field

I have photographed numerous lenticular clouds, but even in the early afternoon, this one was the largest I had ever seen. I watched it grow larger and larger into the evening and climbed a hill near Bonney Lake so I could photograph it and Mount Rainier at sunset. Because of clouds on the western horizon it ended up more pastel than dramatic. I re-processed the image in black and white to convey the true power of the lenticular cloud.

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