Living Wilderness: Wildlife and Nature Photography by Kevin Ebi

Living Wilderness Nature Photography
Dramatic nature photography that captures a living wilderness. By Kevin Ebi.

Floating Leaf, Seattle Arboretum

Fall color is represented by a single yellow leaf, floating off Foster Island in the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle.

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  Floating Leaf, Seattle Arboretum

Notes from the field

Most of my work in the wetlands of the Seattle Arboretum has involved photographing wildlife. For more than a decade, I've worked from an inflatable kayak to photograph great blue herons, mallard ducks, coots, two types of grebes, and numerous other animals in truly wild settings. One day, while kayaking out to a point where herons often fish, I spotted this single leaf floating in a channel. It wasn't the wide splash of colors that I usually try to capture when photographing fall color, but I think it beautifully illustrates autumn in the Pacific Northwest.

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