Living Wilderness Nature Photography by Kevin Ebi

Nature photography by Kevin Ebi

Dramatic nature photography that captures a Living Wilderness

Wilderness at 50

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Wilderness Act to preserve some of the most pristine areas of the United States — areas where I have found incredible inspiration as a nature photographer. From my earliest days in the Alpine Lakes, Mount Rainier, and Boulder River wilderness areas to my present travels across the country, the Wilderness Act has had a huge impact on me and my work.


I am honored to be one of 11 nature photographers selected to take part in a landmark exhibition to honor the Wilderness Act. Four of my images from Northwest wilderness areas will be on display in the “Wilderness at 50” exhibition at the Crary Art Gallery in Warren, Penn. The gallery is located near the area that Howard Zahniser of The Wilderness Society, the man who wrote the act, called home. The exhibit runs from August 30 to September 28, 2014.

Wilderness at 50: Nature photography exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act.

Exhibition Fine-Art Prints

Fine-art prints of all four images exhibited in this show are available through this site. They are available in two sizes. Prices include shipping.


  • Trailside edition: These prints, which measure 12x8 inches, are true photographs. The artist works with a printer who exposes photographic paper with lasers. The artist signature is pressed into the print. $50

  • Signature edition: These special-edition prints, 18x12 inches, are made entirely by the artist, one at a time, in his studio. These are dye prints with especially vibrant colors, printed on 19x13 paper. The artist signs and handwrites the title of the image in the bottom border. $250

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12x8 Trailside Edition, $50

12x8 Trailside Edition, $50

12x8 Trailside Edition, $50

12x8 Trailside Edition, $50

18x12 Signature Edition, $250

18x12 Signature Edition, $250

Living Wilderness Book

18x12 Signature Edition, $250

18x12 Signature Edition, $250

Commemorative Poster

Living Wilderness the book by Kevin Ebi. Nature photography book cover.

This poster, printed on heavy lustre 30x20-inch photo paper, features the Whitehorse Mountain image, used on the cover of Kevin's Living Wilderness book and featured in the Wilderness at 50 exhibit. The poster is shipped rolled. $30 (Free shipping.)

This 148-page, fine-art book is the first large-format, comprehensive collection of Kevin's nature photography. The page size is 12x10 inches. Many of the 141 images have never before appeared this large in book form. $69.99; shipping $12.50.

30x20 inch wilderness poster, $30

Living Wilderness book, $69.99

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